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Lt. Col. Waldemar Kruszyński

fot. Paweł Kęska

Lt. Col. (2016) Waldemar Kruszyński, born 1928. He joined the Home Army in March 1944 in Milanów (Radzyń Podlaski County, Home Army Lublin Circuit). In the organization, he used the codenames Kruszynka (mite) and Warszawiak (Warsawer). He was a liaison officer and messenger for the commander of the Milanów Home Army Outpost, Lt. Piotr Waszczuk, codename Rola. He took part in the concentration of troops intending to aid Warsaw. In May 1945, he arrived in Stargard Szczeciński, where he and other former members of the Home Army founded an underground organization called “Pomeranian Battalion of the Home Army – Youth Group.” The group was headed by Czesław Hołub AKA Jan Skura, codenames Żbik (wildcat) and Huczny (thunderous), through whom the organization had contact with the structures of Home Army Resistance (ROAK) and Freedom and Independence (WiN) (the Atlas of the Polish independence underground classifies it as an independence youth organization). As part of this group, he used the codenames Kruszyna (mite) and 13. Thanks to the fact that his sister was at the time the head of the District Office of Information and Propaganda in Stargard, he was able to gain information about the functioning of local power structures. Among other things, he managed to obtain blank forms stamped by the Ministry of Public Security, which were used in the organization’s ongoing activities. He took part in two successful actions to obtain weapons: on the owner of a mill near Stargard in January 1946 and on the Citizens’ Militia (MO) post in Darc in early February 1946. In February 1946, members of the group, threatened with arrest, took refuge in the surrounding forests. After the group ceased its organized activities in February–March 1946, he made his way to Milanówek near Warsaw, where he went into hiding. In February 1947, he disclosed himself to the Provincial Office for Public Security (WUBP) in Warsaw.



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