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Lt. Amelia Korycka

fot. PAP/ MArcin Bielecki

Lt. Amelia Korycka, born 1926. She operated in the Gray Ranks during the occupation and adopted the codename Mela. After the outbreak of the uprising, she joined the medical group organized by the Sisters of the Family of Mary at ul. Hoża, the wound dressing point of 7th County “Obroża” (collar) transformed into the primary wound dressing point, and, in the first days of the uprising, moved to ul. Poznańska and expanded into a hospital operating throughout the uprising. After the uprising collapsed, she left Warsaw with the first transport of the severely wounded people. She was sent to Stalag XI-A Altengrabow, then to its branch in Gross Lübars, where she cared for the wounded until mid-December 1944. She was then transported to the Oberlangen camp, liberated by the 2nd Armoured Regiment of the 1st. Armoured Division.

Recording: Paweł Kęska


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