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Maj. Jakub Nowakowski

fot. Paweł Kęska

Maj. (2018) Jakub Nowakowski, born 1924. He completed primary school and 2 years of junior high school before the outbreak of World War II. Since February 1942, he was a soldier in the Assault Group of the Gray Ranks in the 1st platoon “Włodek” of the 1st company of the Home Army Battalion “Zośka,” commanded by 2nd Lt. Tadeusz Huskowski, codename Tadeusz. In the organization, he adopted the codename Tomasz. Before the outbreak of the Uprising, he participated in military training and took part in sabotage and diversionary actions. He participated in the preparation and coverage of actions carried out by the platoon. During the Warsaw Uprising, he was assigned to the 226th platoon commanded by 2nd Lt. Bogdan Kunert, codename Szajer (and later cadet Tadeusz Huskowski, codename Tadeusz) that was part of the Home Army’s “Żniwiarz” (harvester) Group. He took part in battles against the Germans in Wola – Żoliborz – Old Town. He was wounded in his hand during the attack on the Gdańsk Train Station. After treating his wound, he returned to the platoon, continuing to fight in the Żoliborz area. After the fall of the Uprising, he was taken to the camp in Pruszków and then to Stalag XI-A Altengrabow.

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