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Capt. Henryk Edward Piotrowski

fot. Urząd ds. Kombatantów i Osób Represjonowanych

Capt. (2014) Henryk Edward Piotrowski, born 1930. He participated in the Warsaw Uprising as a volunteer in Powiśle district. He used the codename Edek (diminutive of Edward). He served as a liaison officer at the insurgent outpost at ul. Fabryczna 16 as part of the 1st battalion “Tur” (aurochs) under Capt. Zbigniew Specylak-Skrzypecki in the Home Army Group “Kryska”. He took part in building barricades and removing debris from basements. During the fighting in Powiśle, he was wounded twice (on 22 August and 12 September). On 14 September, he was taken prisoner and transported to the Neuzelle-Möbiskruge camp, and then to the Sachsenhausen sub-camp in Zehlendorf (a district of Berlin) and the labour camp at the Telefunken plant. On 30 April 1945, he was evacuated to Magdeburg. He returned to Poland in July 1946.

Recording: Karolina Stachacz-Bartosik


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